Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Life of a Shepherdess - Seasons... and Ewes for Sale

Summer passed quickly.  As time goes by the summers seem shorter and shorter.  The wisdom of the "Old Timers". Yes?  It isn't as though they didn't warn us!

I sent some of my "gals" for a visit to another Southdown Breeder last fall.  (Wink. Wink.)  Had a friend stop by her place to see the kids.  She snapped this photo, along with others, to let me see my sheep. I really missed them. Sheep really do know their Shepherds - and Shepherdesses.

Now the year is drawing to a close.  The holidays are rapidly approaching.  
Things are quieting down.  Well, a bit.    

Herd management is an important part of raising sheep.  I work hard and am proud of my herd.
With that said, I am offering some of my Southdown Ewes and lambs for sale.  All of them are eligible for registration with the American Southdown Breeders Association.

The one year old Ewes are $250/each. They have not been exposed to a ram, yet. 
Bred Southdown ewes are $325/each.
Ewe lambs are $200/each.
The Sassy Ewe is located in Barryton, Michigan.

~ ~ ~ 
I've also been busy knitting custom orders for clients.  Many of my items are made from the wool of my Southdown Sheep.  Hand-spun and Hand-Knit.  Sometimes hand-dyed.  Each item is made to order. 

Hand-spun, Hand-Knit Baby Set made from beautiful, soft, Southdown wool. 
Consists of Sweater, Hat, and Booties. $50/per set. Each set is made-to-order and requires a 50% deposit. Hand-dyeing is available for a charge of $10/set.

Made especially for the precious baby in your life. Heirloom quality.

Examples of some of the hand-spun, hand-knit, and hand-dyed items avail from The Sassy Ewe
Each item is custom made with beautiful, soft, Southdown wool. 

Wrap your precious bundles up in wool. Heirloom quality.

~ ~ ~

Thank you for stopping in for a visit!  Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Eddie, my trusty herd guardian, wishes to send you his regards, as well! 

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