Thursday, January 9, 2014

Keeping Busy

Even during the coldest days of winter, a Shepherdess has plenty to keep her busy.  The sheep still need to be cared for.  During the especially cold days we've had recently, that included carrying water to the sheep.
What a blessing it is to come back inside to a warm pot of soup, my dogs, and my spinning!

What do I have on my bobbin?  Currently I am working with a combination Southdown roving in Tranquil Sea Color combination.  It should be finished and off the bobbins sometime this weekend.

Here are some of the hand-spun, hand-knit hats that I made with my hand-dyed yarns.

CVM and Blue Face Leicester Roving and hand-spun yarn. This was processed for my by Ohio Valley Natural Fibers.  They do an exceptional job!

This roving and hand-spun yarn is a combination of 73% Mahogany Alpaca, 25% Brown Merino Wool, and 12% Silver Tussah Silk.  So Sweet!

This photo is of my dark brown wool combined with alpaca. I've spun this beautiful yarn into a Heavy Knitting Worsted-Weight Yarn.

This lovely, unique fiber is a combination of dark brown wool and alpaca, which I've combined with hand-dyed salmon-colored wool.

Made especially for U of M Fans!  
This is made using my Southdown wool.  I hand-dyed it Blue with just a touch of Maize.

Here are a couple of the batts that I had made up at Ohio Valley Natural Fiber.  
They are just wonderful!  Toasty Warm!  Thick and Rich 100% Southdown Wool.

You'll notice that they are much thicker than common quilting batts.  These make wonderful Comforters and Mattress Pads.

All of my Batts have SOLD OUT!

I have these Custom Made using my wonderful Southdown Wool.
If you are interested in purchasing a custom made batt, please contact me.

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