Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Season of Rebirth

After the long, long winter we have had here in Michigan, comes the welcome time of rebirth.  For a shepherdess, the "birth" part is the main focus.  With spring comes the welcome birthing of lambs.  One will find them, literally, springing up around the farm!

This past March 26th was Shearing Day at the farm.

Shearer, William Ricks, Shearing my Karakul Ram

Who can resist a new lamb...or two?
Certainly not Janet and Yvonne!

The Sassy Ewe, Sue Ann Carpenter with 2 new Karakul lamb twins.
They know the voice of their Shepherdess already!

The Shepherdess and 2 new Karakul twin lambs.
The lady loves her sheep and lambs! 

Farm Fresh Karakul Fleece

Farm Fresh Southdown Fleece

Southdown Lamb born March 2014

Southdown Twins born in April 6, 2014

Karakul Twin born March 2014

Southdown Twin born March 2014

Karakul Lamb born April 2014
I love this little lamb!  It looks as though he is saying "Who? Me?"
He steals the show!!!  :)

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